Leaked iPhone 5S production photos found fake

Leaked iPhone 5S production photos found fake

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A Chinese source allegedly found the production photos of iPhone 5S. We know that Apple source iPhone from China so renders or some leaked photos from China are most likely to be true. However, there are still exceptions. This time the Chinese website claimed these photos to be hinting the next iPhone 5S widely expected to be announced in September 2013. From the photos of the parts of “iPhone 5S” above, we dare say that it the design and appearance of the gadget looks exactly the same as iPhone 5. This matches the usual practice of Apple which only updates the hardware of their device one year after and adding an “S” to the name.

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 10.29.09 AMIt is true but fake. What do I mean? The battery in this so-called “iPhone 5S” only has 1130mAh of capacity, which is half of the original 22XX battery capacity of iPhone 5. To make things worse, there is a micro-SD card dock on it. The lightning cable dock is also removed from the iPhone. This is almost impossible with the usual practice of Apple. Well, if this is a fake iPhone 5 produced in China, I will believe it. But I dare say it is a fake “iPhone 5S” at the moment.

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