Apple Patent Reveals Innovative New Lock Screen Concept

Apple Patent Reveals Innovative New Lock Screen Concept

Apple Image Quiz Unlock


Finally some new legitimate innovation out of Apple.

When the iPhone first came out, everyone was amazed at their slide to unlock technology for unlocking the device for use. Until this point, the concept had been rarely used and poorly implemented when it was. Apple’s method made it hard for the phone to unlock and pocket dial people when not in use, but remained easy enough that users would not have to spend excessive time fumbling with the phone to unlock it.

Android took inspiration from this software lock, but wanted a way to make it better. They implemented an additional volume slider toggle to the lock screen. When they started getting sued by Apple for this, they moved on to adopting the Palm Pre-ish free movement circular lock. Even so, the Apple method is one of the most iconic smartphone features in existence.

While Google and Android have continued to innovate with different lock methods, Apple has pretty much stayed consistent with their slide to unlock. This might be about to change though and they might have something really neat planned.

A patent uncovered this week shows a “Quiz” type lock, where users will have to answer a question about an image with an assortment of answers. This lock would allow apple to keep their slide to unlock feature, while implementing security features AND innovation in to the mix.

No word yet on whether or not this will make it to the development stage of the next version of iOS. It would be nice to see Apple start trying new things again. As Woz said, the competition has caught up.

Source – PocketNow

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