Alicia Keys Caught Tweeting From iPhone, Not Blackberry. Blames Hackers. Yeah, Right.

Alicia Keys Caught Tweeting From iPhone, Not Blackberry. Blames Hackers. Yeah, Right.

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During Blackberry’s “Phoenix Rebirth” moment at their headquarters recently where they unveiled their new phones, they also announced that they had appointed Alicia Keys the “Creative Director” at Blackberry. Many people laughed at this. I was one of them.

Keys, a notorious iPhone lover, was tasked with generating excitement for Blackberry. Sounds like fun right? Pretty much the only requirement for this job was to USE THE PHONE MADE BY THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR! It’s not difficult. The whole idea behind this position is completely ridiculous. It’s basically a celebrity endorsement.

There have been several separate occasions since where she has been caught tweeting from iPhone. To enthusiasts, this shows that even with the new phone its still not enough reason to switch from an iPhone. Even a (probably) 6 figure salary isn’t enough to switch. That’s a shame.

This time Keys got caught and … get this….BLAMED IT ON HACKERS! That’s right. She supposedly got hacked, and the hackers posted a song lyric from the artist Drake. The artist turned director immediately deleted the tweet and claimed that someone else had done that and she was innocent.

I’m calling BS. Had it been posted from a Windows Phone or Android, I would believe hackers a bit more. Keys isn’t the only one with an iPhone, but then again this isn’t the only time this has happened. That being said, what kind of hacker gets access to her account to post SONG lyrics from an iPhone. That seems really far fetched.

And this, children, is why you don’t sell out. If she didn’t want to use the phone EXCLUSIVELY, she shouldn’t have taken the job. The end.

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