HTC M7 Camera Images Leaked, Phone Now Called The HTC One?

HTC M7 Camera Images Leaked, Phone Now Called The HTC One?


There have been rumors lately that the newest HTC Flagship will be known as the HTC One, rather than the M7 title that everyone has given it. If those rumors hold true, we have just seen the first images taken by the phone.

A photo showed up on flicker last week where the EXIF data showed that it was taken on an HTC One. The photo (seen above) is of a piece of paper with some seemingly confidential HTC information. The image raises some minor concerns, mainly due to the fact that this phone is supposed to have a seriously advanced camera. Some earlier reports stated that the M7 (or One, whatever it’s actually called) would be packing an “ultrapixel” camera clocking in at 13 mpx, made up of 3 different sensors. On paper, this sounds like it would give crystal clear images that, at full resolution, would be massive. This image is small and not the clearest image we’ve seen from a camera this far. It’s fairly underwhelming for a camera that is supposed to be the “next big thing”

Also, not exactly related to the camera image, but the name is terrible. Their 2012 models were known as the HTC One series. They had the One X, S, V and others. Labeling the new phone as just the “One” makes it seem like it’s a part of that.

HTC isn’t exactly doing great in the market, but some of their phones sell like hotcakes. The most popular phones they had were based on a label or brand. Think about it. The Evo, The Incredible, The MyTouch, etc. To keep away from confusion, the new phones nee to have their own unique identity so that when people see it, they can say “oh awesome you have a *brand name*!” Branding is INCREDIBLY important, and will really help persuade users to switch from their “Droids” and “Galaxies”. Naming it the One is a terrible name from a branding perspective, but also just sounds stupid for a phone. While M7 is a little rough sounding, it’s still a bit more iconic sounding than ONE.

Anyways, when the phone is launched, I hope it launches with the legendary camera we read about and a better name than ONE.


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