How to legally turn back to 2G on iPhone 5?

How to legally turn back to 2G on iPhone 5?


As more and more customers of iPhone 5 find their iPhone suffering from poor battery life, a huge number of questions were also raised on the apple support community asking whether the options of turning back to 2G is possible. However, there’s currently no “legal” way of turning your iPhone 5 back to 2G network right now. As one of reasons why iPhone gets better signal but poorer battery life, we know that iPhone is quite intelligent in some ways that it keeps searching for better singal. But the problem here is not everywhere in your country has perfect 3G or 4G connection. Places likes high rise buildings, storerooms, elevators can’t normally get good data network signals. That is actually a battery killer of iPhones. Unfortunately, apple doesn’t allow the option of switching iPhone back to 2G edge network. You can only turn LTE on and off but not for 2G.

Will this be fixed in iOS 6.1.1? I doubt it, it is more connected to the issues of cellular network provider, who want you to use faster and more on their networks.

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