evasi0n has become the most popular jailbreak ever!

Source: Pocketnow

By viewing the video above you will know why there are up to now 7 million devices jail broken on the world. Like pocketnow said in the video, jailbreak is not just about unlocking for phone for the carriers, but it is also about solving some annoyances caused by the closed and backward iOS 6.1. The jailbreak became available a week ago but it was a huge and wild success despite there were some minor bugs with the evasi0n untethered jailbreak. The jail break team, seeing the rising popularity of its hard work, also keeps updating and improving the jailbroken firmware for bug fixes. We all know that Apple is the only one who could make changes to the iOS, but the point is why can’t we change it? Jailbreak has freed you up so you can customise your phone, make improvements to the originally dull iOS, adding some functions that are similar to its competitor Android…etc.

What I always think is that Apple could improve more to avoid the problem of jail breaking. Everyone downloads the jailbreak package for a reason. For me, I downloaded it because I really hate to turn Wi-Fi on/off in the settings page. I want the WiFi and 3G toggle to be somewhere accessible whenever I touch the status bar at the top. This is something that can be done on Android but not on iOS. Therefore, I immediately install SBSettings to get these toggles to work on my iPad and iPhone. It does make things easier, doesn’t it? Who cares about the patent issues here? If Apple makes iOS more user-friendly, definitely the number people in need of a jailbreak will fall.


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