TI-Nspire App For iPad – A Modern Replacement For The TI-83?

TI-Nspire App For iPad – A Modern Replacement For The TI-83?

Ti-nspire ipad ti-83


For years, the TI-83 calculator has been the absolute go-to device for math classes around the globe. It was released in 1996 and even though newer, better models have come out since, many people are still using the trusty 83. After 13 years, it still retails for around 100 dollars in most stores!

TI has released an app for the iPad today which lets users emulate all the functions of a TI graphing calculators on the tablet they already use for most things. It provides a much more interactive experience at a much lower price for the consumer. The app retails for $30 dollars on the app store. The software seems to be taken from their own TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator which retails for $150 dollars. This app is a great deal in that respect.

Will this finally help put expensive graphing calculators to bed? Probably not for most students. I don’t forsee many math teachers allowing students to use an iPad on an exam. However if you’re a grown up and need a new calculator for work and already own an iPad, you might want to check this one out.

Now I’m just waiting for an iPhone / iPod / Android variant. HURRY PLEASE!

Source – Engadget

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