Long wait for a mailbox account?

Long wait for a mailbox account?


We saw an article from other networks that the mailbox application is one of the major competitors of Gmail application on iOS. Although both of them are seen as the substitute for the original built in iOS mail function, they both have some pros and cons. However, when our authors are trying to get a closer look to the mailbox app, we found a long queue to get a mailbox on the app. When we first got in, there were like 300,000 people ahead waiting for activation of their mailbox space. And it also shows that there are like thousands behind you. What does that mean? Truly I don’t believe it takes a minute per user to create a mailbox even for overwhelming number of people. It is more like a marketing strategy to make problem thirst for the app.


We will get back to you after we are done with queuing. However, how long shall we wait for the 300,000 people ahead to complete their application? What is behind all this?

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