BlackBerry Files For Patent On New Sliding QWERTY Keyboard Design

BlackBerry Files For Patent On New Sliding QWERTY Keyboard Design

Blackberry Sliding Keyboard


The Q10 hasn’t even been released yet, and Blackberry is already looking at new designs for it’s iconic portrait QWERTY phone design.

Newly filed patents show a concept for a keyboard that will expand or contract with a sliding mechanism at the bottom of the phone. The benefits of this design is that they might be able to provide a larger touchscreen for the device while still including a hardware QWERTY that people love so much.

Typical QWERTY phones have a lot of extra bulk because of sliding mechanisms and the keyboard parts. There’s no word yet as to whether this keyboard will be the traditional hardware variety, or a software screen. If they are looking to keep sizes small, they might want to go with a software keyboard. That would defeat the purpose of an additional keyboard all together though.

I’m not really quite sure how Blackberry plans to implement this, but I think they should focus on releasing the Q10 before looking at new designs. Baby steps guys. Get re-established in the market before you start testing crazy features.

Then again, similar phones have already been made with varying degrees of success. Here’s a few

palm tungsten thtc touch dualpalm preDell Venue

Source – engadget

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