Samsung Offering Devs 100% Of App Sales!

Samsung Offering Devs 100% Of App Sales!

Samsung indie 100 app sales


Well this is a risky move!

Samsung, the Korean giant behind the vastly popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phone lines, has initiated a bold new move for generating developer support.

Typically when a developer submits an application to an app store, the store owner takes a 30% cut on all sales made, in addition to charging a fee to start selling to begin with. Samsung, to gain developer support, has thrown these traditions out the window. Samsung has teamed up with the mobile development studio, Chillingo, who is responsible for EA’s mobile games. These two are initiating this program to bring more apps in to Samsung’s own app store.

The program promises devs 100% of sales for the first 6 months their app is on the market. After 6 months, Samsung will start taking 10% of sales. After a year they will take 20% and after 2 years they will take 30%, bringing them up to the industry average. They hope this incentive will help draw in developers and populate their own app store.

Personally, the only people who win from this deal are the devs. Samsung will win a bit, but still lose overall. The reasoning behind this loss is that developers will still submit their app to every app store they can. It’s going to still be available on the Google Play Store so most people will just download it there. Samsungs app store is only on Samsung devices (duh), and to be honest I didn’t even know they had an app store until I learned about the 100% indie program. I don’t know a single person who uses it!

Will this generate interest in Samsungs app store? Maybe. Devs will definitely promote it more in order to get more money from sales. I still think this is a placebo on a much bigger problem – duplicated functionality. Samsung is trying to outdo Google at their own game while making use of their own system. I guess Samsung just wants a piece of the pie. They should probably focus more on making their devices out of better materials instead of jumping in an arena with professionals.

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