Ouya Console Staying True To Android Nature, Releasing New Model Every Year!

Ouya Console Staying True To Android Nature, Releasing New Model Every Year!

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Android device manufacturers have been criticized every moment since Android launched about upgrading too quickly. That fancy phone you just dropped 200 bucks for is obsolete after just a few months. It’s something Google and the manufacturers have worked to fix for years with no real progress. Now, something else based on Android is going to have the same exact problem.

The OUYA console, that kickstarter legend 100 dollar android based gaming system, will apparently be updated every single year from this point on. This allows the manufacturer to update the specifications to the latest and greatest parts, as well as updating the OS to be based on a newer version of Android.

Depending on their support for older consoles, this could end up being another dreaded fragmentation discussion. I sure don’t want to buy a new console every year, but if OUYA secures some really neat games and I want to keep up with playing them, and they update to only support the newest version each year, I might be left in the dust.

While this hasn’t been a HUGE problem for android gaming, it’s still a valid concern for when this hits mainstream. It’s a great business decision, but might leave some users in the dust with their old consoles. This sounds like it might gear up to be another Apple fanboy situation, where people are willing to sell their first born to upgrade to the newest device. Please don’t be like that, OUYA.

Source – Engadget

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