New XBOX Said To Need Always On Internet, Not Allow Used Games

New XBOX Said To Need Always On Internet, Not Allow Used Games

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The next gen high power console releases are just around the corner. Sony is revealing their PS4 on the 20th of February, and the Next Xbox (Xbox 720?) is slated for a release soon after. As usual, the internet is a flurry of rumors and speculation about the new consoles.

There have been previous rumors about the Xbox in particular, stating that it will have an AMD CPU, a TON of slightly slower than usual ram, and come bundled with the next generation Kinect unit. Analysts are saying that users can expect a very immersive gaming experience from the new Xbox.

New rumors released today point to an idea that has been hotly debated for a long time. It’s also an idea users will not be happy with. This idea is that the new Xbox will require an always on internet connection for licensing to make sure that users are not playing used games. You are allowed to rage now.

This restriction is not only extreme, its also very unfair to customers. They won’t be able to play games at a friends house or borrow games anymore. The games will be linked to their units. What’s worse is that not everyone has an internet connection. Many games have single player campaign modes that are very popular. I, myself, don’t play my Xbox online. I have an older version without wireless access and my router is in another house. It’s highly impractical to run hundreds and hundreds of feet of Ethernet cable to my house just so I can get cussed out by 13 year olds playing call of duty.

Console makers have wanted these restrictions for years, since the beginning of the gamestop type stores. They HONESTLY FEEL that the existence of used game trading options are cutting in to their sales. This may be true, but it more affects the publishers than the manufacturers.

To play devils advocate, Steam has a similar model and they do alright for themselves. Nobody seems to complain about steam not allowing sharing. Then again, the games on steam are frequently discounted. New console games retain their value for a VERY long time. It gets to be very expensive.

It’s really unfair of Microsoft to do this all around. People pay out every month to play XBox live, even though PS3 has a FREE network. All this restriction is, is another way for Microsoft to make more money at the expense of the customer. I guess it’s true – money is the root of all evil.

Thanks a lot Ballmer. You ruined Windows, you ruined Office, now you’re ruining Xbox. What’s next?

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