It will take much longer to jail break iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6

It will take much longer to jail break iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6

evasi0n jailbreak ipad mini

According to a chart made by cult of Mac, the time needed to develop a jailbreak is longer over time. Ever since the release of iPhone 3G, the development time is surging around 67.58% every year. The latest evasi0n jailbreak for all iOS 6.1 devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini) took 136 days to unlock the iPhone 5.

Apple is reportedly releasing an iPhone 5s as expected this year, but how long will it take to publish a jailbreak for it?

If the trend continues, it might even take a year for iPhone 6 to be jailbroken. The difficulty points to the complexity of programming and effort Apple spent on filling the loopholes. However, we shouldn’t be so sad about it yet. There might be an obvious weak spot in iPhone 5S/ iPhone 6’s operating system and hackers could easily jail break it. We can’t know for sure until the phone / OS are released.

Why do we care about the time needed for jailbreak? It’ because some things about Apple’s iOS can’t be tolerated. For example, a closed system only accessible by iTunes, dull user interface that operates on a mix of square icons…etc. If Apple made iOS better to suit the needs of customers, we wouldn’t need to wait for a jailbreak so desperately.

Source: CultofMac

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