Google Working On Touchscreen Chrome Laptop? Meet The Chromebook Pixel

Google Working On Touchscreen Chrome Laptop? Meet The Chromebook Pixel

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Google, Apple and lately Microsoft have been hard at work making sure that the mouse is on it’s last stages of life. Touchscreens are the new way to interact with your devices. Google seems to be embracing this more than ever now.



This laptop is a revolution of the Chrome Platform. According to François Beaufort (who works on the chromium project and has been a leading source for Chrome leaks recently) on his Google+ page, this device might be the one he knows as the Google Link. The device is apparently in testing at Google right now and features a 4 million pixel touchscreen.

Even with Francois’ confirmation, There are many reasons to be skeptical of this device. The commercial itself doesn’t really feel so “Google”. It’s very dark and the voice doesn’t match the calming tone used in many other Google commercials. The majority of their commercials are light and bright and happy. This one is awe inspiring, sure, but it doesn’t really match their M.O.

Secondly, the design of the laptop looks very much like a MacBook pro with Retina. The “big difference” is that this one says “chrome” on it.

Lastly, there seems to be some talking about this being leaked as the result of a hack of a major advertising company. I doub’t that seriously considering there are still copies of the video out. In the past, Google has been pretty direct about Cease and Desist notices for leaks. If this is one of their new flagship products and it was leaked unofficially, I feel like they would shut it down IMMEDIATELY. Not let people spread stories about it. It smells like a publicity stunt.

Personally, I’m not doubting the device exists at Google, but I don’t think this is it. I think this was an early concept advertisement. The final design is probably different otherwise there might be lawsuits from the big Apple right up the road. That being said, I can’t wait to get my hands on a touchscreen chromebook!


source – Android Authority

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