Galaxy S IV Specs And Release Date? New Info Leaked!

Galaxy S IV Specs And Release Date? New Info Leaked!

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People are very excited about the Galaxy S IV device rumors even though the S III is still one of the most top of the line devices available.

More rumors have surfaced, and this time they seem to sum everything up in to one nice little package. For starters, the rumors state that it will be announced MARCH 15th and will go on sale in the second week of April. As usual, the device will be available in Europe and Asia exclusively at first near the end of April. America, Australia and Africa will get the device around May or June of this year supposedly.

The phone itself is looking to be an absolute powerhouse in terms of power. It will feature an Exynos 5 8 core CPU, and a Mali-T658 8 core GPU with 2GB of RAM. The device will also have a 4.99 inch full 1080p display Super AMOLED screen (SAMOLED) and come equipped with a 13 mpx camera on the back and a 2mpx camera on the front. The cameras will be capable of shooting 1080p and 720p videos respectively, each at 30fps. Lastly, it’s announced that the phone will come running Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean on launch. It will be up to date for a whole couple weeks until the new version of Android comes out at Google I/O.

The Model number is said to be the GT-I9500. As for the details not mentioned, you can make some assumptions based on the past versions. It’s safe to assume the device will be coming to all 4 US carriers. Since T-Mobile is planning on stocking the Galaxy S III with LTE, you could probably also assume that all 4 US variants will be able to access LTE 4G data networks. Pricing will be similar to the past as well, with the device costing $199 – $299 at launch depending on carrier.

Some accessory details have also been leaked this time. A clear cover, flip cover, protective cover, and pouch are being released in terms of cases at launch. There are also extra batteries, wireless charging kits, HDMI adapters and headsets planned. All the accessories are apparently going to be launched around Week 15 of 2013, which coincides with the rumors of an April launch.

Are these specs “OFFICIAL”? Of course not. Nothing is official until Samsung announces it. These specs ARE however heavily based on factual evidence from Samsung and other sources close to the matter. It’s a really good judge of what we’ll see in March.

Source – SamMobile

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