Another HTC Facebook Phone? Maybe Yes!

Another HTC Facebook Phone? Maybe Yes!

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If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. If new rumors are true, Facebook is taking this age old saying to heart.

New rumors are circulating about a new Facebook phone called the Myst from HTC. If the concept of a Facebook phone sounds familiar it’s because HTC tried this out already a few years ago and it sucked.

The phones, the HTC Cha-Cha and Salsa, had special Facebook integration on top of the regular HTC Sense Android experience. Users could automatically access Facebook and share things effortlessly. While the concept was great for Facebook users and the Cha-Cha had one of the best keyboards on a phone in ages, the phones both flopped. Why? Because there really wasn’t anything that the phones could do that regular Android devices couldn’t. The devices were fairly low powered and the integrated Facebook button didn’t offer much additional functionality outside of just being a quick shortcut to Facebook.

So what’s changed this time around? Well for starters, Facebook has a larger ecosystem now that they didn’t have before. They could easily integrate messenger and Instagram applications in to the OS itself which would be a great feature for users. Those applications could replace stock android messaging and camera apps for a more immersive experience. In addition, Facebook has started a sort of app store that showcases the best apps with Facebook integration. If they made exclusive games for this device, like Farmville, they could definitely hit some of the market hard! They could even go as far as to make their own App store and Android fork, a la the Kindle Fire. These are just my suggestions, but they’re ways that Facebook could really differentiate itself from the market.

The failure of the old devices could have just been that they were released too soon. If Facebook really tightly integrates their social network applications directly in to the OS, there’s a chance this could be a killer feature for users. As someone who is on Facebook as a main social network, this would definitely be something to try out. Again, it needs to offer me something big that I can’t easily get from regular phones.

Lets see if Zuckerberg is a bad enough dude to pull this off.

Source – PocketNow

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