Windows Phone Notifications? All Signs Point To Yes

Windows Phone Notifications? All Signs Point To Yes

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Well this is interesting. Observant folks over at have uncovered this beauty lurking on a random DeviantArt page. The same observant folks also have a knack for detective work because they discovered that the account belonged to a Nokia employee. He states on the deviant art page that it alludes to something he knows but isn’t allowed to reveal.

So what makes everyone think this is a notification center? Well if you look closely at the right hand side of the image, you can see the letters “not”. That looks like the title frame saying “Notifications”. This would also line up with “something coming” because Windows Phone has often been criticized for it’s lack of a cohesive notification system. Even Apple gave in and tried to emulate what Android has in terms of one spot for systemwide notifications.

At first I was thinking that since this was coming from a Nokia employee, this could just be a tease for another Nokia Lumia exclusive enhancement (much like nokia maps). This may or may not be the case, as he DID say the image was “quoting a trip to Redmond”. If you don’t already know, Redmond, WA is where the Microsoft HQ is located. This could be a Microsoft thing.

Lastly, another piece of news from a while back points at this being a legitimate Microsoft project. Statements circulated following the launch of Windows Phone 8 that Microsoft simply “Ran out of time” to include a notification center. If that were the case, issuing an update would be fairly simple and I don’t necessarily think it would require a full OS version update.

Then again, these could all just be prankster hoax rumors. I really hope so. This would be one of the things to push Windows Phone ahead of something like…oh I don’t know….Blackberry 10? I think we’ll get our answer in the next few weeks.

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