PlayStation Home Arcade Brings Classic Games To PS Vita

PlayStation Home Arcade Brings Classic Games To PS Vita

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Today Sony announced their Playstation Home Arcade system for the PS Vita. It’s bringing a little bit of the past to their newest handheld.

The app will provide a service where players can download classic Arcade games, such as the iconic Frogger, and Wipeout 2D. Some games will come included free with the app, while others will cost $1.50 USD.

While the service may be a cool way of getting users engaged and providing them with cheap, fun games, it seems to be lacking a few of the big name players. Most notably, Pac-Man is missing from the list of provided games. There are actually only about 10 classic games available at the moment. No word yet if this number is planned to increase at a later date.

The app also allows the user to play games they’ve purchased on the PS3 on the Vita and vice versa. This seems to be the first case of “Buy it once, take it anywhere” with Sony.

So what do you think? Are you down to play some classic games for cheap? Playstation Home Arcade is available now from the playstation store.

Source – PlayStation Blog



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