New Hack Allows Wii U Controller To Be Used On A PC

New Hack Allows Wii U Controller To Be Used On A PC

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Since the launch of the Wii U, People have actively been trying to repurpose the tablet controller. It seems to be so gimmicky with the console but it might have real world applications. The thing is an actual real life tablet after all.

Well someone finally has. A Kotaku reader by the name of Chris has posted a video to his Youtube channel that shows how to use the Wii U pad as a wireless controller. You can remap buttons and interact with PC games using the controller. It allows people to use the pad as a wireless controller for PC games or emulator Roms. Since the hack works via a web server, you don’t even need fancy bluetooth equipment. It will work on pretty much any computer setup. That is a nice touch.

He is working hard on adding touchscreen support and fixing bugs. As it is now, this is still more useful than the tablet alone with the Wii U.

Check out the video Here. Download the files you need to try it yourself Here.

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