Fixes for weather app and LINE games crash after evasi0n jailbreak iOS 6.1

There are some proven side effects after jail breaking your idevices with the evasi0n jailbreak 6.x tools released this Monday. One of which includes the official built-in weather app crashing after the jailbreak. The weather app was found crashed on iPhone and some iPads had their weather app added. The developer team of evasi0n has received this issue and they are looking at solutions to it. They will announce remedial measures later.

For LINE games (LINE brown’s cookies, bubble, Zookeepr…etc) error messages and crashed were experienced by many jail break users. The reason behind the difficulty was that LINE added some sort of tracking codes in the software to detect irregularities of the operating system iOS in order to prohibit dishonest purchasing. There are actually available fixes for this.

If you have added cydia to your jailbroken device, go to cydia and searched “LINE no detect” if you can’t find this, please add the source Click install on the top-left button and then confirm the installation and you can play your LINE games again.

Update: this only fixes LINE pop, but the remaining games are still unavailable after jail break.

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