BlackBerry Committed To Bringing Android 4.1 Compatibility To BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Committed To Bringing Android 4.1 Compatibility To BlackBerry 10

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BlackBerry seems to have the same problem Android phones have: They aren’t updated to the latest version!

RIM began including an Android compatibility layer in the playbook OS which made it easy to port Android apps to their new platform. Devs didn’t have to re-make their own apps in a new SDK, but instead just took their existing apps and re-compiled them for the blackberry OS.

This feature has been riddled with problems since it began. The biggest issue to consumers is that it has been laggy, and based on a version of Android that is now 2 years old.

Today at their developer conference, Execs from BlackBerry pledged to bring 4.1 compatibility to BB 10 “soon”. Will this have the same problems their old version has? 4.1 is already outdated and the newest version of Android is set to come out very soon. This might just be more of the same.

Even though it might be bad in practice, progress is still progress. A 4.1 inclusion could allow users to access a number of newer Android apps that have been converted for use on Blackberry. This would, in turn, draw more users to Blackberry and increase legitimate developer support hopefully.

My big question is can they figure out a way to make apps run natively on the phone instead of in a sandbox emulator. It was like using a phone inside a phone on the playbook, which really made for a terrible experience. Hopefully the new version fixes it.

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