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Best WhatsApp alternatives: LINE, ChatON, Skype, Facebook messenger

Feeling tired of being charged by Whatsapp? Many of the messaging apps out there are actually free. These messaging apps offer wider functions than whatsapp does. Some have their own social networks like LINE, some have additional function like Voice over IP phones, some even can connect to PC clients. What WhatsApp now has is the convenience of hitting your contacts but it is certainly not the monopoly in the market ( App Store, play store).


We spoke about it many times in different articles. LINE is the best alternative for whatsapp because it does the same thing. It imports the contacts from your address book and gives you a userID, which could be used to add or be added without disclosing your phone contact info to others. LINE also has creative stickers that are bestsellers all around the world. Not only does LINE provide messaging service, but it also has a simple free VoIP calls you can make to your contacts. LINE also deliberately improves its user interface and functions. They recently added the ability for users to upload several photos to chatroom, smoother integration in switching between their other service like LINE camera (photography application) LINE brush (productivity application) and LINE card (Social networking application). Certainly the variety of service outweighs whatsapp’s traditional functions. Compared to LINE, whatsapp will certainly be a loser if it had not been released earlier than LINE.

2. ChatON

ChatON is Samsung’s messaging application which is built-in on all of their latest smartphones (such as Samsung galaxy SIII, Samsung galaxy note II, Samsung galaxy ativ windows phone…etc). Initially people were not aware of the powerful functions of this application, until it was launched on iOS devices via apple App Store. After that ChatON came to blackberry, Bada, windows phone (only Samsung models), even on PC and Mac. It has leveled itself with LINE in terms of the cross-platform integration and multifunctions in an app. In ChatON, one of the signature functions would be its exclusive AMS, where users can create and send animated messages to friends. Users can simply capture the photos and videos themselves and make their own backgrounds on ChatON.

3. WeChat

A popular tencen produced messaging application in mainland china. It has very aggressive plans for launching and promoting the wechat in Hong Kong and Macau. Wechat is also a cross platform messaging network that includes iOS, android , widows phone, blackberry, ovi and Symbian. It is basically the same thing as whatsapp and LINE but it is renounced for its voice messaging capability. Users can tap on the designated places and start talking to their counterparts. Although other messaging apps also have this capability, wechat features a simple and smooth process in doing voice recording and uploading. Wechat have recently been updating their application to feature more cute stickers to attract more customers.

4. Skype

Skype is the branded VoIP giant bought by Microsoft and integrated with the MSN recently. You don’t need to register your phone number unless you want to on Skype. It definitely has better privacy than other messaging apps. After its merge with MSN messenger, the user base has been or will be expanded. You can easily find your friends and start chatting and calling. Be careful don’t call if you are not using any unlimited data plans because it will be a data killer. Also, Skype has another big concern with regards to battery life. Study finds out that Skype drains the RAM and battery very quickly so mind your battery levels if you are using Skype for calls.

5. Facebook messenger:

You can definitely find a lot of friends on Facebook. But one of the turn-offs of this free messenger is that not everyone is your friends on Facebook, you may not find your boss or colleagues through Facebook because they need to befriend with you on Facebook so as to chat on the Facebook messenger.

We summarized some awesome apps that could be alternatives of whatsapp. Whatsapp seems to have lost a lot of die hard fans recently and we are witnessing another change in the messaging apps.

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