Apple’s iTunes Bringing Streaming Radio Soon?

Apple’s iTunes Bringing Streaming Radio Soon?

iOS Streaming Radio Icons


First there was Pandora. Then, there was Spotify. A bunch of other competitors happened as well. Now, Apple might start a streaming radio service!

Application icons discovered in iOS 6 point at this new radio service. There have been rumors of this service for a long time. iTunes match started the trend, but now it seems as though Apple plans to complete it and really give the Spotify service a run for it’s money.

It would be a great idea. iTunes is the worlds biggest online music store. With a radio service, Apple could help users with music discovery. They might find music that they did not know existed. This will help drive sales, and would be overall beneficial to users AND Apple.

Right now the files are only appearing on iPads, not iPhones. Not a whole lot of information is known past that. I assume, knowing apple, that they will charge for this service somehow. It’s possible they will have Spotify “tiers” where you can listen to a limited amount of radio for free, and you have to pay for more. Maybe this “premium radio” service will be bundled in to iTunes Match. It should be known that in the past negotiations for this service, Ad revenue was a big topic. This fact points at a free streaming version as a definite 90+% possibility.

What do you think? Are you ready to let Apple take you away from Pandora and Spotify? Let us know in the comments or on one of our social networks.

Source – The Verge



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