Huawei (華為) announced E5151 Portable pocket Wi-Fi

Huawei (華為) announced E5151 Portable pocket Wi-Fi


A number of 4G pocket WiFi was released in Hong Kong not long ago, Huawei followed the trend and released their new Huawei E5151 pocket wifi access point. We have read the specification of this device and found of that : This device not only supports sharing of 3G networks it can also support Ethernet where users can plug in their LAN CAT-5 cable into the device and share their wifi network.


Huawei as part of its specification, has a built-in 1500mAH battery and it can be charged via USB. It’s mobile network antenna supports 21.6 Mbps HSPA+ with the capability of connecting to 10 devices. It automatically recognizes WAN/LAN signal by its priority.

There’s also an application developed by Huawei called “Huawei Mobile WiFi” for users to configure settings using their mobile phone as clients. This application can also let you check your data usage, traffic and amount of SMS.

Huawei E5151 is price at $899 HKD (~$119 USD)

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