evasi0n Jailbreak iOS 6.X tested. A smooth jailbreak process within 7 minutes.

evasi0n Jailbreak iOS 6.X tested. A smooth jailbreak process within 7 minutes.

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I downloaded the jailbreak file (.dmg file) from evasi0n.com and started it on my Mac mini. It has a very simple UI for this jailbreak software and there is only one option with very clear instruction. I plugged in my iPad mini and pressed on the jailbreak button and then everything is done automatically. All I need to do is not to touch my iPad mini during the jailbreak process. The whole jailbreak spent around 7 minutes for me on my iPad mini using and Mac mini. Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 6.55.22 PM

My iPad went On and Off for quite a while but you clearly know what the software is doing from the window shown on your desktop so you wont feel lost at all. This jailbreak client automatically installs the Cydia and a Weather (only available on iPhone) Application on your iPad after you successfully complete the jailbreak.


I immediately installed SBSettings and then gave it a try on my iPad mini. I swiped horizontally and the drop-down menu of SBSettings appeared. I can control my Wi-Fi settings over here easily. Blank

I also tried installing some other applications and themes but found that some of the sources like bigboss…etc are not working. I think it might be attributed to a large number of users logging into the Cydia and downloading their apps and themes so it responded slowly to huge traffic. It shows an error message: today is too busy for the purchase things.


Some other sources like modmyi is still working fine. I managed to download WinterBoard and some themes for my iPad mini. Well there aren’t many themes designed for iPad, not to mention iPad mini. So I just tried a few of them to see if it really works. Basically I am not a big fan of customising the home screen or lock screen because most of the themes on Cydia are not my cup of tea. I managed to download one of the themes which could change the lock screen slider and it worked, changing the slider from “Slide to Unlock” to “Slide Dude”.


Some of the jailbreak apps like Cydia have already supported the full screen of iPad but some of them still haven’t. I also tried to click on the Weather App which was originally built in application on iPhone but it crashed and returned me to the home screen immediately.

iPad Mini Tweaks

It seems to me that although I have successfully downloaded and installed the jailbreak on my iPad mini, there aren’t enough awesome tweaks for it. I tried many themes and most of them won’t work on iPad mini. Even I tried some themes that are labelled iPad, they don’t actually work at all. Some of the Apps on the Cydia also show the message that my device is verified not compatible with the Cydia packages. Therefore, support for the iPad mini at the moment is quite limited, if you are still considering jailbreaking or not on your iPad mini, you better wait and see what’s up with the tweaks of the iPad mini.



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