Carbon Squared – A Tale Of Two Android Apps

Carbon Squared – A Tale Of Two Android Apps

carbon app

In a very strange coincidence this weekend, two very different apps launched within days of each other – each bearing the same name. There are now TWO Carbon apps on the market, each with their own purpose.

Carbon #1 – Carbon App Backup by ClockworkMod

Carbon Backup

This app was released on the play store on January 30th and is, quite frankly, the BEST backup solution I have ever used. The only thing better is the ClockworkMod Recovery Nandroid backups, also made by Koush.

This app is amazing. It will easily backup all of your apps and your data to either cloud storage, your device storage, a PC / Mac computer, OR another android device on the same wifi network. This is how Google should be doing backups.

The interface is clean and straightforward and the functionality is flawless. There is a free version available that only saves to device storage or PC, and a $5 premium version that allows users to save data to those options as well as cloud storage (Dropbox,, Google Drive), and another device on the network. If you have multiple devices, you should definitely pay extra and get the premium version. Keeping your apps in sync has never been easier. Worth every penny.

Carbon #2 – Carbon for Twitter by Dots and Lines

Carbon twitter

Carbon for twitter is an an app that has been in the making for a VERY long time. It began life on the now defunct WebOS platform and was the only good Twitter client available. When HP very maliciously killed off WebOS development, the Carbon team branched out and started developing for Windows Phone as well as Android. There was work on an iPhone application as well, but that has been temporarily paused to launch the Android application.

Put bluntly, this is one of the best twitter clients I’ve used so far (if not the best). The app is smooth, gestures are intuitive, and it has all the support that you expect from a high end twitter client. The animations make the experience more complete and the aesthetics are just beautiful. There are some minor things missing, like tablet support, but those things are coming with future versions. In fact, the team noted the absence of a tablet version and promised one is coming. They didn’t want to bundle it because twitter only allows 100k people to use a particular twitter application. The way they are doing it, they’ll have 100k tokens for phone users and tablet users. I am anxiously looking forward to the release of the tablet application.

Carbon must have a different meaning to some people where the word is used in place of “Amazing application”. Both of these applications are incredible and I recommend both of them. They are both now available on the play store. Just search carbon.


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