Nokia studying material 300 times harder than steel – Graphene

Nokia studying material 300 times harder than steel – Graphene


We all know that Nokia’s phones are pretty durable. Alongside the battery performance in the past generation f cell phones, Nokia is also renowned for its extremely durable phone cases like the Nokia 3270, 3220, 2280… Etc all these phones are known to be very durable and tough. Fans worldwide actually do make fun of this because it is thought to be a very hard phone.

Nokia started its research on Graphene since 2006. Nokia was awarded a fund of $13.5 USD from Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) to research and develop the world’s toughest material – Graphene. This material is 300 x tougher than steel. Meanwhile, Nokia is also a member of the Graphene Flagship Consortium, which consist of 73 other technologies companies as research institutes.

While the world is looking forward to bendable and foldable displays and phones as previewed by Samsung and LG, Nokia is studying the world’s toughest material. The trend towards future technologies looks weird. On one hand people are looking for very flexible material that allows you to fold it, but on the other hand someone actually are looking at a phone tough as a stone.

Source: conversations @ Nokia

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