LINE vs WhatsApp (continued): 2 times Hong Kong people activating LINE App on their Smartphones on a single day

LINE vs WhatsApp (continued): 2 times Hong Kong people activating LINE App on their Smartphones on a single day

In a recent press release from Naver LINE, we discovered that there were 2 times more Hong Kong people activating their LINE app from Android Devices on 29.1.2013, the day when WhatsApp announced its subscription annual fee to Android

users. There were also a number of WhatsApp free customers being blocked from sending messages that day because they have reached the 7 day limit. LINE, however, on that single day experienced the largest activation number from one region in a single day. No doubt, the surge in user was due to the face that a lot of WhatsApp users on Android expressed negative sentiments towards the charging and the face that WhatsApp was no longer free anymore. LINE has always been a freeware on Android and iOS, it is also the best substitute for WhatsApp, therefore, people switch from WhatsApp to LINE.


Like I said, in a free market, consumers always have a choice. WhatsApp shouldn’t take their customers’ loyalty for granted and charge their customers suddenly without prior notice. In this regard, WhatsApp did have mistake in taking care of the feelings of millions of users. However, I won’t say LINE is a WhatsApp alternative. LINE has developed its own way of doing a messaging app, it has now completed its cross-platform (iOS, Android, PC, Mac) integration and imported so many interesting social games into their franchise. Their signature stickers sales bring about 6 million USD profits to the company. LINE also announced following the news about WhatsApp that are eager to expand business in Hong Kong and moving forward to more promotions (to take WhatsApp out?).


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