My Dashboard on iOS – fulfills your wish of running android on iOS. (Not really)

My Dashboard on iOS – fulfills your wish of running android on iOS. (Not really)


My Dashboard is a mock up of Android OS where you can customise a dashboard to your convenience and retrieve any information that you might like.



Here you can see a page of RSS feeds for you to read and you can click on it to read further on the original website.


The App also has a clock function that uses your current location to determine the latest time and time zone.


when you click on the news, it pops out the original article and you can share it or view it on safari


Customise your own Dashboard, well, there not much you can do, you just basically swap and arrange the order of content you swipe on the Dashboard.


Twitter content over here.


Weather information is also available.


Your Dashboard pages won’t go back to the original one when you swipe to the last page. it reflects something stupid with this app as the comments said very clearly already.

Well, to conclude, it is still working on a closed-door environment and you can’t do much about it. It is just an app without an ability to improve your iOS unless you jailbreak it and install your own themes on it. Maybe thats the advantage of having android as an open source Operating System. If you really want something like this, buy an Android! 😛


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