EA Still Losing Money. What Else Is New?

EA Still Losing Money. What Else Is New?


Reports last week show that EA, continuing it’s yearly trend, is still losing money. With their policies towards gaming lately, it’s not surprising to see why.

At the end of last year, EA reported to have lost $45 million. This sounds terrible right? Well it’s actually good news. The year before that, they lost $205 million. They’re actually improving! Their revenues decreased last year as well, only earning $922 million overall instead of the year before’s $1.06 billion. They’ve been forced to adjust their yearly total income to $3.7 – $3.8 billion total from an estimated $3.8 to $4 billion. While this may sound like a lot of money even with the drop, this is signs of a bad trend developing for them.

EA executives are blaming things like the US economy affecting demand and such, but here’s the thing – only their console games seem to be doing poorly. Medal of Honor: Warfighter sold absolutely terribly and nobody could figure out why. Consoles in general are taking a dip in the wake of smartphone casual gaming, and this is hitting EA. Their Smartphone games are doing extremely well though, which coincides with this analysis.

Yes consoles are dropping, and Yes mobile is booming, but EA has a long history of butting heads with it’s fans. They are notorious for implementing mandatory DRM and other useless social gimmicks that don’t belong in games. The games end up incredibly bloated and perform poorly on even the highest end consoles. Heck, Need for Speed: Most Wanted on Android was an obnoxious 2+ GB in size. That is just unacceptable. When they aren’t bloating games up, they’re cutting games and releasing “OPTIONAL” DLC that ends up having important plot points of the game. This on top of cutting corners and other criticisms of EA and it’s not hard to see why people would be trying to stay away.

Origin is a bad idea. PSN and Xbox live already have social services. Use those instead of making your own.

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