BlackBerry Moves Into The Future – Does Not Need Special Data Plans Anymore

BlackBerry Moves Into The Future – Does Not Need Special Data Plans Anymore


Actually it’s more like moving in to 2007, but I digress.

CrackBerry has clarified this week that new BlackBerry 10 devices are breaking away from their past data ties and no longer need a BlackBerry Internet Service plan to work. They can use a normal carrier 3G or 4G plan to work with all the features in tact.

Older BlackBerry phones used a specialized service through BlackBerry for their BBM, Messaging, Email, and Internet browsing service. This, while more secure potentially, had it’s own faults. It made things slower at times, and when RIM’s servers failed, service went down for EVERYBODY. Carriers put a lot of time and money in to making sure the network is mostly stable for the majority of people all the time, something that couldn’t be completely assured with BlackBerry. On the other hand, these services were quite a bit more secure than just open airwave services. It might be a tradeoff in that.

The only exception to this is if a business still uses Blackberry enterprise servers. Users will be required to get a BES plan to access those servers if they are on an older Blackberry platform. BB10 devices will not need the BES plan to access the system.

Welcome to the completely consumer market, BlackBerry.

Source – Crackberry


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