Be careful! Candy Crush might bring you Car Crash!

Be careful! Candy Crush might bring you Car Crash!

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Well, Candy Crush Saga is kinda fun and hot these days. Almost everyone on the bus and mass transit (subway) is playing with such bejewelled like game. The captioned game was first introduced April last year (2012) and it immediately became a very hot title on Facebook. Lately, it released its iOS and Android mobile game application and lured thousands if not millions of users to download it. We are quite used to some free mini-games become the hot picks of few months, for example, Draw Something, Temple Run 1 or 2…etc. These games share something in common, they are very user-friendly and fast paced for every round, you gain something every round to top-up your ability in the next round. Yes, it is called addiction.

Getting too addicted not only cost you time or money, it may even risk your life! A passenger of minibus in Hong Kong captured a photo of his driver playing Candy Crush while driving at the expense of the safety of the passengers and road safety. Playing mobile games is not an offence by law but it is really not recommended to do so when you are driving. Putting lives at risk is just like you are playing your own life. Especially for public transport drivers, under no circumstances should they play or text with their cell phones when they are at work.

Playing games on phone is a pleasure, but just don’t get too addicted to it!






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