White HTC M7 Caught On Camera!

White HTC M7 Caught On Camera!


Well I guess the cat is out of the bag now…and call me crazy but I THINK IT WAS INTENTIONAL!!!

At an end of the year HTC gathering, CEO Peter Chou used his own personal HTC M7 device to take some pictures of the crowd. The words M7 were apparently used as well.

There are no in depth pictures included with this “announcement”, only grainy screencaps of a television broadcast of the event. Even so, it’s nice knowing some more information about this future flagship. It also proves that this phone will come in at least a white model. Previous renders have shown a black model so it’s safe to assume you’ll get those two color options at launch, if not more options on different carriers.

You can read more about the M7 Here.

Source – PocketNow

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