Temple Run 2 : iOS and Android version comparison

Temple Run 2 : iOS and Android version comparison






Android version of Temple Run 2 was released not long ago. The above images show the difference in terms of graphics of Android and iOS versions. Apparently, the iOS version has better graphics. When you look at the shadow of the character you will find it. The Android version has no shadow of the character but just a black spot under the character’s feet. However, iOS version has moving shadow that captures the move of the character.

It is also not difficult to find that the texture of the environment are different. Here we can see the Android version has a simpler texture when you look into one of the rocks of leafs on the roadside. Even android devices usually have a bigger screen, some details on the character like the pockets and dust or damages on the clothes are hardly visible. No doubt, the Android version is made for multiple device not limited to Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy S 3, high end devices yet running Android. The iOS version has more details on both the characters and the environment. Also, the gaming experience is also better on iOS because there are less lags or hangs.

By the way, Galaxy Note II has a bigger resolution / screen (1280 x 720) than the iPhone 5 (1136 x 640) but the iPhone has a better pixel density (326 vs note II 265) therefore some games has better picture quality on iPhone 5 than on a Note II

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