Sony PS4 Controller Taking Cue From Vita and Wii U?

Sony PS4 Controller Taking Cue From Vita and Wii U?



Reports have surfaces that state the new controller shipping with the Sony PlayStation 4 will include a touchpad, similar to the one on the rear of the PS Vita.

The PS Vita was popularly known for it’s over the top new attempts at player interaction. It came with 1000 and 1 ways to interact with the game, and while it may have been a great idea, not much news has been posted about how it translates to actual gameplay.

When the Wii U launched with it’s touchscreen controller pad, people were excited at the new way to interact with games. Reports about this interaction have been towards the negative end of the spectrum however, with people saying the controller is heavy and difficult to use. The Sony offering will attempt to keep a traditional 2 hands on approach to gaming by placing this touch pad on the middle of the existing dual shock controller design (right where the start and select buttons are now). It will be a much more effortless interaction element than the Wii U implementation, and still remain an iconic and familiar design.

Keep in mind this is rumored to be a touch PAD, not a touch SCREEN. There will be no graphics displayed on this pad, but it will be touch sensitive and pick up simple gestures. Think something similar to the touchpad on a laptop.

Sony is rumored to launch the PlayStation 4 later this month with the re-designed controller. Pricing and availability to come later.

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