NFC enabled iPhone?

NFC enabled iPhone?

NFC is getting popular but Apple just really don’t like being a copy cat. Anways, the Passbook is something close to what we expected if Apple’s device is getting an NFC function. Some places, however, do use NFC or RFID for security reasons. People can tap their Phones on it and then gain access. However, an iPhone without NFC cannot have the same convenience. CalypsoKey offers you a solution for this. Calypsokey has released an iPhone case with NFC chip. This case has 13.56 MHz and 125kHz RFID antenna embedded. This case can be applied to most RFID and NFC transmitter without the need to work with an App (well, I’m not too sure if App Store would let such apps go through so easily). By the way, this chip doesn’t need a battery, fulfilling the wish of some users who might flavour an iPhone but NFC for specific reasons.

Door Security

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