My New Twitter Client – Tweedle Vs Tweet Lanes

My New Twitter Client – Tweedle Vs Tweet Lanes



It’s probably not news, but the stock twitter client on Android is severely lacking. It’s not TERRIBLE, but the design and functionality leave a lot to be desired. There are much better third party clients out there…and some that are absolutely terrible. I eventually settled on Tweedle and am very impressed by it overall. Here’s my story:

When I started writing for this blog, it became apparent that I was going to need to manage the sites Twitter account. Because of that, I was going to need a client with multiple account support. I, being a nerd, also wanted something that more closely followed the Android design guidelines (Holo UI). With these criteria, I set out to find somethng that fit my needs

I first tried Ubersocial, and while it was good, it was really heavily based on the Android 2.3 SDK. Some other minor things bothered me so I ended up getting rid of it and trying Plume. While Plume had excellent features and a decent design language, the lag was terrible. It was AWFUL. I’m running a Galaxy Nexus so my phone is no slouch. Even with my power, the app was super sluggish. I tried a few others that weren’t very notable and ended up with two choices. Tweedlle and Tweet Lanes.


Tweet Lanes was a great app overall. Very easy to switch account, Holo styled UI, and a really nifty omnipresent tweet bar at the bottom. It was also super smooth and had light and dark themes. Sounds pretty good right? So why did I get rid of it? It came down to notifications. I want to be alerted when I get mentions or DMs. From what I saw, there wasn’t any notification settings. Another minor nitpicky thing that bothered me was the ‘lanes’ feature from which the app gets it’s name. All lists, from tweets, to retweets, to retweets by you, to your tweets, to followers, to following, etc. Everything is in a list that you can swipe to. While this is great in practice, I don’t like swiping through 10 screens to see new followers. The worst thing about this was that you cannot re-arrange these screens, only disable them. As the app hasn’t been actively developed since September of last year, I don’t forsee these issues being fixed anytime soon. Aside from that, it’s still a great app and I would definitely rank it number 2 on my list.


Tweedle, on the other hand, seemed to just work. The aesthetic styling is great, there’s only a few swipeable menus to go through, and all profile related lists are in the profile screen. In addition, as expected, there are notification settings. I really like the style and the fluidity of everything. It feels really cohesive and is a great app over all.

I had also heard good things about Tweetcaster pro and Falcon pro (and the MIA Carbon twitter app), but the idea of paying for a twitter client is not for me. I understand that devs work really hard on their clients, and I really respect what they’ve created, but I don’t need a million super fancy features. I can get a free app that does the same thing as a paid app just as well. Had I not found tweedle, I was leaning toward paying for Falcon Pro. Sorry paid devs.

Is it perfect? Probably not, but at this time I can’t think of anything that would make me stop using it. I’ll update this post if I ever change again. For the moment, Tweedle is my pick for best twitter client on Android.

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