Intel Unveiling Dual Core Processors At MWC

Intel Unveiling Dual Core Processors At MWC


It’s about time! The long time x86 chip manufacturer will finally be bringing dual core mobile processors to MWC this year.

The dual core chips will use Intel’s hyperthreading technology for increased performance as well as two cores, which is typical in mobile devices. It remains to be seen how these meager dual core devices will stand up against the 4 and 6 core ARM processors in other mobile devices.

It should be noted that the Intel chips have typically had amazing performance. Even their single core offerings beat many dual core ARM options. That doesn’t mean these chips will follow that path, but its a good indication of estimated performance. Also, the chips are x86 architecture rather than ARM, so there might be issues running some high end applications from the Play Store. Anything that requires Native support (not running exclusively in the Dalvik Virtual Machine) will need a special version for Intel phones. The majority of apps are VM compliant, but there just might be a few missing from these phones.

Hopefully these chips will allow Intel to get more hardware support behind it, so that in turn it can get more developer and application support.

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