Sony Now Tracking Xperia Android Phones. “Find My iPhone” For Android?

Sony Now Tracking Xperia Android Phones. “Find My iPhone” For Android?

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Sony took a cue from Apple with a new, very necessary, feature for their line of Android phones. The new feature, called My Xperia, will allow users to locate and attempt to reclaim their lost devices. The service also includes tools to lock the phone, wipe data, and display contact information at the push of a button. Users simply need to login to the service using their Google account when they get the phone, and the service will do the rest.

The service, while neat, is somewhat redundant and hints at a larger problem. There are already other services similar to this (such as the lookout application) available for ALL devices on the Google Play store. This service differs in that it will more than likely be pre-installed on Sony devices starting later this year. There is a definite market for this, but as such why isn’t Google doing anything to provide a service like this. Latitude already tracks a users device if the user consents, why not just add administrator privileges and make the users aware of the feature. It seems like less work for Google to integrate this in it’s devices than it is for each individual OEM to.

The service is currently in a slowly rolled out limited beta, and will be available for most users globally around Q2 of this year.

Source – The Verge


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