Samsung Buys 5% Share In Wacom. S-Pen Future Is Bright.

Samsung Buys 5% Share In Wacom. S-Pen Future Is Bright.



Korean phone manufacturer Samsung has recently purchased a 5% stake in stylus / drawing tablet manufacturer Wacom as part of a lucrative manufacturing deal. It’s an artist on-the-go’s dream come true.

The purchase comes after the Galaxy Note II was released last year, which included another partnership with Wacom on the Stylus / Digitizor tracking technology. The S-Pen became one of the hot selling points of the note devices (10.1 included). Wacom accounts for the majority of drawing tablets on the market for artists.

It only makes sense that Samsung would want a stake in the company helping them to be so successful. The $58.9 million deal ensures that the S-Pen technology will continue to grow, and Samsung’s devices will continue to flourish.

Source – Engadget

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