Motorola X Phone Job Posted. Legend Becoming Reality.

Motorola X Phone Job Posted. Legend Becoming Reality.



The fabled Motorola / Google X phone project might be closer to reality than we thought. A new job posting on the social networking site, LinkedIn, was requesting people apply for a job working on an “X-Phone”

The “X-Phone” name has been floating around the internet as the name for the new collaboration between Google and it’s subsidiary, Motorola Mobility. The phone is supposed to be the new flagship Nexus device sporting features like an unbreakable display and very fast components (more on that here and here).

This could just be an honest mix-up from some HR recruiter, or it could be a piece of information that wasn’t supposed to be included with the listing. Another possibility is that this was a planned leak from Motorola in order to generate interest in the product. Those tricky people!

More should be revealed soon at either MWC, or Google I/O later this year. If this is, in fact, a new nexus device, then don’t expect the release until at LEAST Google I/O. The Nexus 4 still hasn’t even caught up with backorders yet.

Source – The Verge

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