Google Glass Will Use Bone Conduction Speakers!

Google Glass Will Use Bone Conduction Speakers!

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Google’s most ambitious, technically advanced project ever keeps getting more amazing.

The augmented reality glasses are now passing through the United States FCC, which means they are getting checked out to make sure everything is safe for use. They might be right around the corner for those initial investors who dropped $1500USD on a down payment last year at Google I/O.

These FCC reports indicate that the glasses will use bone conduction technology to provide audio to the wearer. Instead of using traditional speakers, which are bulky and require more parts, the new technology will use vibration on the human skull to provide sound. This has many benefits to the wearer, including being able to hear music and content clearly while still being able to hear their surroundings clearly. Calls will be like the person is standing right next to you. This should also hopefully keep the cost down for when the final units are released to consumers.

These things are the bleeding edge on what is possible with technology, and they never fail to surprise.

Source – The Verge

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