Chrome Notification Center And Google Now In The Works?

Chrome Notification Center And Google Now In The Works?


Today, Google + user François Beaufort has discovered the groundwork in new versions of Chrome that point to a unified notification center with included Google Now support.

By enabling the new option in the flags menu, he was able to quickly code an example of his own notification. The new notifications come with more functions pertaining to the application, as well as that clean, modern Google Now cards theme.

Many features implemented by the Chrome team never see the light of day but I don’t see why this wouldn’t. There have been many hints that Google is working at bringing Android features to Chrome (such as that nifty new chrome Android statue that arrived at building 45 today?) and Google Now is a project they take pride in. The Now integration may or may not be limited just to the styling, but the code suggests they are building smart search functionality so it’s a big possibility you’ll get the whole thing.

To try this out for yourself, check out the instructions Here.

Source: The Verge

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