Chrome Android Statue Shows Up At Google

Chrome Android Statue Shows Up At Google

Chrome Android



A new guest showed up to Building 45 of the Google campus today, one covered in a shiny metallic coat….maybe chromed?

Google typically reserves new Android statues for placement on the lawn of Building 44 when a new version of the mobile operating system is released. This one seems to have a different meaning though, not related to an imminent release. Google has been working on Chrome OS and Android separately for a while and this statue might signify a growing cohesion between the two systems.


Android community manager, Paul Wilcox, has stated that this statue does not mean a release, but is just another statue. That’ll put rumors to bed for the moment. Or will it? Can we expect a heavier chrome influence in Android? Is Android going to have a larger influence in chrome? Code discovered already points to a chrome notification center / Google Now support so maybe that’s what this statue resembles.

Or maybe an artist just had some scrap metal laying around and wanted to make a cool Android statue for Google.

Source: The Verge

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