YouTube planning to charge for certain channels?

YouTube planning to charge for certain channels?



YouTube, Google’s world largest online video streaming network has become strong competitors of traditional Television channels. Its great flexibility and speed of streaming video on demand has attracted millions of people to watch TV episodes and other related or similar movie clips on YouTube. Rumours are now pointing at YouTube planning to announce some paid channels for users to access and watch limited contents. In this connection, YouTube can get both advertisement earnings and direct sales earning.

YouTube is said to have been in contact with service providers or TV networks to make their clips available on their network, charging users $1-$5 USD for each view. Sooner or later YouTube might also announce a paid channel featuring self-learning, finance, TV contents.

With the great popularity of YouTube, establishing paid network is not surprising. However, there are still concerns of what could become paid or more vigilant censorship over some duplicated but remained free content.

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