BlackBerry Playbook Sells More Units In UK Than iPad…Wait….What?

BlackBerry Playbook Sells More Units In UK Than iPad…Wait….What?

ipad-playbookYeah…we didn’t believe it either, but there’s numbers to back it up.

During the November and December sales months of 2012, retailers sold approximately 160,000 BlackBerry PlayBook units, compared to the newest iPad which only sold around 113,000. All iPad models combined sold over 200,000 units, but the direct competitor was the latest version.

What accounts for the success? Well the price was obviously lower (129 pounds vs 399 pounds), but was there another reason? Were people awaiting the launch of BlackBerry 10? Is Apple just not cool anymore? WHAT WAS THE REASON?

Probably just price. You’re talking about more than a 50% price difference. I’m not sure how far this American economic crunch has gone, but I figure it had something to do with it.

My opinion is greatly reinforced by the lack of Android data. Either way, Congrats to RIM…er BlackBerry!

Source – BGR

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