Apple Macbook SMC Update released: to fix battery problems

Apple Macbook SMC Update released: to fix battery problems

Apple claims a 5-7 hours battery for their macbooks. However, the battery life has not been very promising

Apple today released an SMC Update for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook. According to Apple, the update has no new features added but it is actually a fix for battery problems.

Apple discovers that after the 1000-times charging cycles, some of the Macbooks become out of order. Some users also reflect that they can’t turn on their Macbooks thereafter. This update aims at fixing this problem and if you are interested you may take a look at the Apple Website for more information.

Indeed, Apple’s Macbooks are famous for their long-lasting and durable batteries. However the its battery health, there are still a number of sofrware problems relating to their battery and battery indicators. For me, my Macbook occasionally shows me a “Service Battery” sign and asking me to check it with Genius Bar. I usually don’t pay attention to such thing as long as my battery life is still okay. The Service Battery status automatically goes away after system updates.

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