Widespread concerns regarding WhatsApp charging users

Widespread concerns regarding WhatsApp charging users


There are widespread concerns, if not grievances, with regards to a number of users reflecting Whatsapp is charging them for continuing their service. Some android users downloaded Whatsapp for free and found the fact that they are now being asked to pay for their messaging fee. Some even rumored Whatsapp will charge based on the message you sent or some say if you forward a certain number of messages you will get your membership extended.

Understood, the problem here isn’t Whatsapp suddenly put up plans to charge users. It is just that Whatsapp is not a freeware, as it is stated very clearly before you downloaded it but no one cares much about the terms and conditions that apply. In fact, when you look at the iOS version of Whatsapp it is the bestseller of paid app. You have to pay $0.99 USD to get Whatsapp to your iPhone. What does that $0.99 mean? It is actually a subscription fee for their service which is waived for the first two years or three years on android.

As time goes by, your subscription on android Whatsapp will expire and you will need to pay for it to continue the membership. That’s why a number of users after 1 year of usage, are being prompted to the payment page. So don’t get it wrong, there’s no commercial conspiracy behind. Some of us just didn’t realize Whatsapp is a paid app.

For iOS users, you have already paid the subscription fee so you won’t be asked again to pay.

In contrast, Naver LINE is a freeware both on mobile devices (iOS and android) and on PC and Mac. If you are unwilling to pay for the Whatsapp subscription fee, there are still whatsapp alike alternatives around. I recommend switching to LINE because it has greater integration with desktop computers.


This is message in Chinese rumored that whatsapp is charging users if you don’t frequently use it (it doesn’t make sense, I know). It also rumored that if you don’t forward this message to 10 people to prove your active usage, your account will be deleted. It is not basing on any facts but a social experiment instead.

Update: whatsapp have officially responded to the concerns worldwide. They make or have no plans to charge users for their service. Basically, the iOS users are still good for a permanent subscription. They make clear that the android version was a one year trial but actually they extend the trial period from time to time to make sure no one gets charged for their free messages.

Update: annual fee subscription model could come to iOS version of WhatsApp anytime ($0.99)


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