Nexus 4 – Soon In White?

Nexus 4 – Soon In White?



New leaked images point to a rumor of a White Nexus 4. The normal black device has been incredibly popular and has been effectively sold out since it’s launch. It was restocked this morning on the US Play Store, but if trends continue this one will be sold out soon as well.

White phones have always been a big selling point in the mobile arena. Everyone went absolutely crazy when the iPhone 4 first launched in white. There were rumors of a White Galaxy Nexus which never really saw the light of day. Samsung launched the Galaxy S III in blue and white, and I typically see more white versions on the street than blue versions.

Getting back on topic, there has been no formal announcement regarding availability on the white device. There are only rumors and a few “leaked images”. I feel like LG want’s to get caught up on the black model’s back order before it starts making a white model. By the time that happens, it might be time to launch the Nexus 5…


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