Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB Only Gives You 36% To Use

Microsoft Surface Pro 64GB Only Gives You 36% To Use



While the Surface RT is only doing sub par, Everyone was really looking forward to the Surface Pro. This tablet device will be running with full laptop specifications and a whole 64GB of space to use on content. It looked like the greatest competitor for the laptop market.

Now, reports are saying that the storage is cut extremely small, leaving you with less than half of the advertised storage to actually use (23GB to be precise). No computer, tablet or phone ever comes with the advertised storage though, as a section of the storage needs to be used by the operating system itself. Even with this fact in mind, Microsoft’s product is excessive in storage usage.

To compare, a 16GB iPad 4 leaves the user with about 14GB to use. About 88% of the storage is free for the user. With the new iPad 5 128gb model, the user can expect to have 122 – 124 GB free, which is 95% to 96% of the total space. The iPad is 200 dollars cheaper, and has many more accessories than the Surface.

The Surface only gives you a measly 36% of your space. That’s it.

Microsoft claims this is due to the full featured OS as well as the built in recovery, but the existence of such a large recovery just reinforces the stereotypes of the past. The consumer is going to think that Windows 8 is virus and crash prone and naturally steer away. Microsoft is sure having a problem escaping that stigma.

The Surface Pro is set to launch February 9. The unit will run $899 for a 64GB version and $999 for a 128GB version. The keyboard covers are not included but will boost the price about $100.

Edit – There has been instructions posted on clearing up some free space on various websites. Here’s one.

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